Hula is a dance form developed by the early Polynesians that discovered the Hawaiian Islands. This dance preserves history, tradition, knowledge and wisdom.

From a traditional perspective hula is a way of communicating with the elements of our Universe. Hula involves a mental discipline, a strong intuition and the use of prayer.

Capture a moment of prayerful dance through hula.

Theses classes will teach the fundamentals of hula. We will share the protocols involved in the dance while learning and growing in the spiritual understanding of our ancestors.

Hula classes are divided into districts. Each district that we share the dance has a specific colour.

You will find below a direct link to a page designated to each district. This page will provide the practice videos of each dance that each district has learned. So click on the district that you are a part of to view these practice videos. When prompted to enter a password you will need to enter the password given by district.