Lomilomi Training Level #4 $3,950.00
Lomilomi Training Level #4 Hawaii Excursion
Part 4 of a 5 level Lomilomi Training.

Dates: September 1-14, 2017
Where: Molokai, HI, TBA

- Meals. Participants will manage all meal preparations.
- Shared accommodation

This part of the LomiLomi training is mandatory. All practitioners selected for the Mastery/Instructor course from Level 3 will be expected to fulfill this excursion to Hawaii with the instructor to deepen and immerse oneself in the culture traditions and teachings of the land and people from which this practice comes from.
You will meet the Elders and Teachers of the Instructor.

Protocol will be demonstrated on your behalf and a blessing granted from the Elders for the completion of the Mastery class.

This Mandatory Excursion is to be undertaken after one year of the mandatory two years of experience following the Completion of Level 3.

-Two week cultural immersion.
-Daily practice of Lomilomi.
-Excursions to sacred sites.
-Demonstration a protocol.
-Ocean cleansing and Waterfall rejuvenation.
-Blessing ceremony is conducted by elders and teachers.
-Lots of surprises.

No Refunds.
Total Price: $3,950.00
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