Lomilomi Training Level #2 $1,800.00
Lomilomi Training Level #2 - Intermediate Practitioner
Part 2 of a 5 level Lomilomi Training.

Dates: May 18-22, 2017
Where: Port Stephens, TBA

* Meals. Participants will manage all meal preparations.
* Shared Accommodation

Deepening your Technique, Skills and Knowing!

(5 day training)

This 5 day training course is designed to strengthen and enhance the practitioners Technique, and prepares the Practitioner to administer a complete approach to a clients Healing.

By deepening the understanding of the connection between Spirit, Mind and Body, we will assist the practitioner in developing the skills to remain present and professional with a clients Spiritual, Mental and Physical "Releases". Recognize and identify the different types of "Release".

In this course you will also complete a second Practitioner Ho'oponopono session. Discover new layers of self-awareness.
You will receive a certificate on completion of level 3.

•Deep and Gentle technique.
•Under body techniques.
•Bone and Joint techniques.
•Pressure techniques.

•Hawaiian hard surface and floor technique.

•HA-Breath technique work.
•Reading the Body.
•Practice LomiLomi blindfold to deepen your senses.
•Clearing Spiritual, Mental and Physical blockage.
•Professional Healing Practices for Practitioner & Client.
•Discover more layers of self-awareness.

No Refunds.
Total Price: $1,800.00
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