MANA OLA Foundations of Hawaiian Spirituality

MANA Ola-Hawaiian Spiritual Foundations


August 30th-September 1st

September 27th-29th

November 8th-10th

November 29th-December 1st

December 20th-22nd

In this three day intensive retreat you will learn the basic spiritual foundations of the knowledge and wisdom that has been passed down by our ancestors, as they foretold we would need to be reminded of these fundamental truths whenever we stopped following our line of truth.

You will learn about these basic foundations:

Na Akua-The higher Being/Power

Poe Kahiko-The Ancient Ancestors

Aumakua-Our Ancestral Guardians 

Pule-The Use of Prayer as a daily discipline

Aloha-Unconditional Love

Pono-Correct Alignment/Righteousness

Mana-How to maintain and create your spirit power

Pa'a-The beginning steps of building an unshakeable foundation

Po-The place of origin

The kumulipo story, how we and all things in this universe came to be

Ohana-Family and the understanding of the connection you have to everything in this universe

Aka- Your invisible cord of communication to everything in this universe

How to keep your connection to Na akua, everyone and everything in this universe seen and unseen, known and unknown Free and Clear, which will allow not only the knowledge, wisdom and guidance we seek to be granted, but also allow the energy power needed for healing to flow freely and easily.If there are Pohakus (stones/blockages) in our aka cords the energy power cannot come down, go up or out.


This retreat is open to everybody and is a must for all practitioners of any modality.




Cabbage Tree Rd. Main Creek NSW 2420


Transportation to and from Newcastle Airport.

Meals: participants will manage all meal preparations.


Deposit $200 (Non refundable)

Full $800

Early Bird $650


Payment plans can be established with Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster or Jessica Foster, Payment plans will not be extended beyond the commencement date of any training.


Accommodation options available within walking distance or 1-3 minute drive of which transport is available.



Nana ka maka, hoʼolohe ka pepeiao, paʼa ka waha.

Observe with the eyes, listen with the ears, shut the mouth. Thus one learns.