Mana O Kahiko- Spirit Power of Our Ancestors


Aloha and Welcome.

Here at Mana O Kahiko we offer a center of authentic hawaiian traditional knowledge and wisdom. Which stems from a lineage of over 50 generations, and can trace its heritage back to the original inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands. 

It is with an open spirit that we provide a platform for seekers of this kind of knowledge to deepen their understanding.

With Integrity we share our cultural practice. So we are able to ensure that this way of life is preserved and passed to future generations.

Mana O Kahiko was established in 2008 as a vehicle to share traditional Hawaiian culture and spirituality on the island of Molokai.

In 2010 our community would expand internationally to include Australia and Europe. By 2013 Mana O Kahiko would see the completion of Live the Sacred teachings of Aloha a workshop experience.

Mana O Kahiko continues to share this knowledge and wisdom in Hawaii and abroad in Australia, Europe and Switzerland through workshops, talks and retreats.