Do you want to step out from where you are, tune in to yourself and your spiritual side, listen to that part of you that wants a little more? Maybe you want real fulfillment from giving something of value to people while following your purpose…

 Maybe you dream of embodying traditional spiritual practices as part of your everyday life…

 …Or of finding a genuine teacher whom you can connect with and trust in to guide you at a deeper level?

Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki from Molokai Hawaii would love to help you. Joining him are Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster, Poʻopuaʻa Kathryn Roberts & Poʻopuaʻa Kyrian van Vliet, in our Annual 10 Day Retreat in Byron Bay at Wybalena Organic Farm Retreat, Australia – a complete Immersion Program in Hawaiian Culture, Spirituality, Traditional Practices & Healing.

 And if connecting with people from around the world and from all different backgrounds to directly experience Hawaiian Spirituality and Healing Practices sounds good, this year we’ve got something extra special for you…

… if you want to learn Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Bodywork), during Week 2 you can learn Lomi Lomi Level 1 exclusively and get your Certification for Level 1! An introduction to Ho’oponopono and Lomi Lomi will be shared by Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Aki during week 1 of the retreat.

This year our Retreat theme is living the sacred teachings of Aloha. A whole world will open to you through topics such as:

  • The Traditional Hawaiian Way of Thinking about things, life, the Universe and beyond
  • Hawaiian Cosmology
  • The concepts of Papa – dealing with the many layers and levels of existence
  • Pa’a – how to build a strong, unshakeable foundation
  • The foundation teachings – the ABC’s of Hawaiian Teachings and how they take you into the thousands of layers and realms of existence
  • Correct Protocols – what they are, when they’re done, who does them, how and why
  • Oli – traditional chants to learn and master
  • Mele – traditional songs
  • Mo’olelo – teaching stories
  • Pule – traditional prayer and way of communicating with Akua – the higher being and all things in this Universe
  • Hula – traditional Hawaiian dance which embodies healing, prayer, connection, stories and history
  • Bodywork – healing touch through Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 
  • Ho’oponopono – dispelling the myths with an in depth introduction to the true traditional practice 
  • Ceremony – learn about and participate in Ceremony as part of Protocol

Of course, we always have to be ready for anything and so you might find Uhane is moving us to add more things in as we go – that’s what makes our retreats so dynamic, real and different. They are completely guided by the Kumus 24/7 spiritual communication.

There’s so much on offer to you that we can’t fit it all in this small space. If you’re interested in learning more:


FAQ – how much and what’s included:

$2 500 which includes 10 Ten nights shared accommodation PLUS
All meals - starting with dinner and ending with breakfast

All tuition and learning activities

Pick-up and Drop-off to Gold Coast Airport if needed

Direct access to both Kumu Pa’a Lawrence & Kumu Pa’a Kawika

Certification for those who want to learn Lomi Lomi Level 1


FAQ – are healing sessions available with the Kumus:

Yes – there is an additional (discounted) cost for Healing Sessions booked with the Kumu or Po’pua’a


FAQ – is this retreat just for healers and practitioners

No – this retreat is for anyone who feels they would benefit from time with Kumu and the Ancestors, learning about how to live life from a strong spiritual foundation, help with healing their own lives. Practitioners & Teachers will find the content enables them to offer more to their clients and students.


FAQ – what if I don’t want to learn Lomi Lomi:

Only people who want to learn Lomi Lomi do this part of the retreat. Everyone else will be doing other learning.


FAQ – how do I pay?

You can pay for your retreat online at Mana O Kahiko via credit card or we can send you an invoice. Payments can be made by regular instalments – there’s provision for this on the website - but need to be finalised 3 weeks prior to the start. As we are required to pre-pay all of our costs, we are unable to offer refunds or transfers to other programs.


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789 The Pocket Road,
The Pocket NSW 2483
30 minutes from Byron Bay
40 minutes from Gold Coast Airport

Dates: 26 October - 5 November 2017

Regular Investment: $2,500

Limited Spaces Available
We are now offering a special investment for participants in the Mana O Hawaii Retreat that choose to provide there own accommodation
i.e Camping Trailers and Bring Your Own Tents on site at the Wybalena Organic Farm.
This Special Investment also includes Participants that will be commuting to and from the Retreat from Home
or have found there own Outside Accommodation.
Special Investment: AUD $2,000
Limited Spaces Available
Private Ho'oponopono Sessions with Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki
Open for participants of the Mana O Hawaii Retreat as well as non-participants.
Dates: Sunday 29 October, Wednesday 1 November and Thursday 2 November.
Time: 6:00am and 9:00am. Duration: 2 hours.
Regular investment for non-participants: USD$200. Discounted investment participants Mana O Hawaii Retreat: USD$125
Limited Spaces Available.
To view all the Investment Options and secure your space click on the BOOK NOW button below.