LomiLomi Training Lvl. 3- Advanced Practitioner

March 13th- 17th 2019

May 8th-12th 2019

5 day training course.  Complete integration of Level 1&2. This course is the Advanced Practitioner Level. Therefore it will also include a complete review and evaluation of the Hawaiian Healing Foundations. Deepen your understanding of the relationship that you have with Spirit/Mind/Body and your relationship to the Universe. In this course there will also be a complete review of physical technique, the application of skill and evaluation of a full body Lomilomi: front&back, head to toe. 

Afterwords the client and practitioner will engage in a complete One on One discussion of the Lomilomi experience, that will be observed by your fellow peer practitioners and guided by Instructor. This is a Sacred discussion and therefore will be conducted in a Safe, Protected and Confidential manner by all those present. 

Once all of the criteria of this course is met there will be a selection process made. Invitations for the mastery and instructors course will be given to those who successfully complete their evaluation.   

Certificate provided on completion of Level 3. 

Invitations for the the Mastery/ Instructor course extended to selected practitioners. 

A minimum of two years experience will be required before the Mastery/Instructor course.

  • Complete review of Hawaiian healing foundations.
  • Deepening of relationships to spirit mind and body.
  • Deepening relationship to the Higher Being/ Power, Guardians and Ancestors.
  • Deepen the relationship to the universe.
  • Complete review of technique.
  • Complete review of skill.
  • Evaluation of a complete LomiLomi session.
  • One on one discussion between client and practitioner. 
  • Invitations extended for Mastery/ Instructors class. 


Cabbage Tree Rd. Main Creek NSW 2420 


Transportation to and from Newcastle Airport.
Meals: participants will manage all meal preparations.


Deposit $500 (Non refundable)

Full $1600

Early Bird $1450


Payment plans can be established with Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster or Jessica Foster, Payment plans will not be extended beyond the commencement date of any training.


Accommodation options available within walking distance or 1-3 minute drive





Nana ka maka, hoʼolohe ka pepeiao, paʼa ka waha.

Observe with the eyes, listen with the ears, shut the mouth. Thus one learns.


Travels throughout Europe, Australia and the US sharing Traditional Hawaiian Knowledge and offers retreats in Hawaii and abroad for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Teachings.