Ho’oponopono Training Lvl. 1- Introduction Beginner Practitioner 

September 8-10, 2017

Ho’oponopono Level 1 is a beginners level introduction to the process of Ho’oponopono. This is an extensive 3 day retreat that covers the many levels and understandings of Ho’oponopono as a process of healing. This traditional style of Ho’oponopono has been passed down through our lineage of 50 generations which stems from the valley of Halawa on the island of Molokai. After this first level you will be able to practice Ho’oponopono and offer private sessions within this practice.

In this 3 day retreat you will develop a:
· Strong belief in Akua - the Higher Power
· Fluid process of prayer
· Strong sense of intuition
· Familiar understanding of the structure of a Ho’oponopono session
· Clear understanding of the process of forgiving, forgetting and remembering
· Discover the significance of family dynamics and relationships
· Learn the significance of four key questions
· Become clear in what Pohakus (stones or baggage) are
· Learn to become a Luna Ho’oponopono and understand the significance of your role as the conductor of a Ho’oponopono session

· How to complete a whole Ho’oponopono session
· Learn how to set resolutions in your Ho’oponopono sessions
· Introduction of Aka - the cord and your connection to the higher power, your guardians and ancestors

· You will undergo a personal Ho’oponopono session

There will be extensive practice of individual Ho’oponopono Sessions.



Port Stephens, Lemon Tree Passage 


September 8th starts at 10AM- September 10th ends at 6PM


Shared Accommodation
Meals: participants will manage all meal preparations.


Deposit: $500 Non Refundable

Early Bird: $1,250

September Due By August 8th

Regular: $1,500


Nana ka maka, hoʼolohe ka pepeiao, paʼa ka waha.

Observe with the eyes, listen with the ears, shut the mouth. Thus one learns.


Travels throughout Europe, Australia and the US sharing Traditional Hawaiian Knowledge and offers retreats in Hawaii and abroad for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Teachings.