Ho'oponopono Level 2

Ho’oponopono Level 2 Retreat

September 8-12, 2017

This intensive 5 day retreat is for the intermediate level of Ho’oponopono practitioner. We will take you deeper into the historical significance of Ho’oponopono from a traditional perspective. We will explore further the use of Ho’oponopono to heal personal relationships and family dynamics. This level will also answer many of the questions that will have arisen after the completion of Ho’oponopono Level 1.

In this 5 day retreat you will:
· Expand your knowledge of specific personal characteristics that are required to be a Luna Ho’oponopono.

· Deepen your understanding of human behavior.
· Learn how to utilise Ho’oponopono with couples as well as family units.

· Be introduced to the significance of remembering with further exploration into the process of forgiving and forgetting

· Learn to close the door rather than cutting ties.

· Undergo a personal Ho’oponopono session
Extensive practice of individual Ho’oponopono sessions


WHERE: Port Stephens, TBA


Meals: participants will manage all meal preparations.
Price: $1,800


Nana ka maka, hoʼolohe ka pepeiao, paʼa ka waha.

Observe with the eyes, listen with the ears, shut the mouth. Thus one learns



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